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In this blog i will share the templates that comes handy for the project manager. I have created the templates leveraging my project management experience. Please suggest improvements, so that the templates can be refined.


Communication plan template:

I have experienced personally how critical a communication plan is for project execution. Project communication plan defines how a critical information will be delivered throughout the project, by who, to whom and at what frequency. An effective communication strategy gets everyone on the same page, avoiding any confusions that may arise during project execution.

Communication plan template that i have created can be downloaded here:  Communication Plan


Lesson learned template:

Every project will lead to a learning, and sharing these learning with team members and other project teams will prevents them from repeating the same mistakes and allows them to take advantage of best practices. Important key that should be noted is that the lesson learnt is not an activity dne at the end of the project, instead it should be identified during the course of project. Also project managers, team members and leadership management should be part of the lesson learnt session to be make it. Typically steps of lesson learnt session would be

1. Identifying the learning

2. Analyzing the cause

3. Documenting the recommendation

Lesson learned template that i have created can be downloaded here: Lessons learned template


Open point template:

Having a open point list and updating the list with identified action points/task often helps in successful project execution. Clearly defined action point/tasks assigned to responsible with deadline is the best way to track and close the tasks/action points.

Open point list (OPL) template that i have created can be downloaded here: OPL Template


Task tracker template:

Project progress is effectively monitored by tracking and reporting the task status. Task tracker comes handy for the same.

Task tracker template that i have created can be downloaded here: Task_tracker_template


Stakeholder management plan template:

Stakeholder management needs a careful approach of identifying the stakeholders, rating the interest and influences of these stakeholders towards the project. This template provides a map where the project manager can easily derive the  stakeholder management plan.

Stakeholder management plan template that i have created can be downloaded here: Stakeholder_management



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