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  • Automotive Product conceptualization and development journey

    Typically products and features for automotive are decided or conceptualized, based on below parameters Innovation – application of new ideas/technology to solve/create solutions, which can lead to new products Accident surveys – Understanding the cause for accidents and creating solutions… Read More ›

  • Linking system and function structure to prioritize requirements

    Product development is fundamentally realizing a market need into a product that can be used/consumed. The best know model for product development – BAH Model, describes product development steps as: new product strategy idea generation screening and evaluation business analysis… Read More ›

  • Product development methodologies

    I would like to start the discussion with statement, there is no “One size fits all” approach in product development. Ideal example of traditional (waterfall) product development can be referred from automobile engineering where the V-model is extensively followed. It’… Read More ›

  • PMP – Acronyms

    AC – Actual Cost ACWP – Actual Cost of Work Performed (same as AC) BAC – Budget at Completion BACP – Actual Cost of Work Performed BCR – Benefit Cost Ratio BCWP – Budgeted Cost of Work Performed (same as… Read More ›