PMP – Acronyms

AC – Actual Cost
ACWP – Actual Cost of Work Performed (same as AC)
BAC – Budget at Completion
BACP – Actual Cost of Work Performed
BCR – Benefit Cost Ratio
BCWP – Budgeted Cost of Work Performed (same as EV)
BCWS – Budgets Cost of Work Scheduled (same as PV)
CA – Control Account
CBB – Contract Budget Base
CBR – Cost Benefit Ratio
CPI – Cost Performance Index
CPLI – Critical Path Length Index
CV – Cost Variance
DUR – Duration
EAC – Estimate at Completion
EF – Early Finish
EMV – Expected Monetary Value
ES – Early Start
ETC – Estimate to Complete
EV – Earned Value (same as BCWP)
FV – Future Value
GIGO – Garbage in garbage out
IBR – Integrated Baseline Review
IRR – Internal Rate of Return
JIT – Just in Time
LF – Late Finish
LRE – Latest Revised Estimate
LS – Late Start
MIRR – Modified Internal Rate of Return
MR – Management Reserve
NAVPS – Net Asset Value Per Share
NCC – Negotiated Contract Cost
NPV – Net Present Value
NPW – Net Present Worth
OTB – Over Target Baseline
PERT – Program Evaluation and Review Technique
PMP – Project Management Professional
PMBOK – Project Management Body of Knowledge
PP – Planning Package
PTA – Point of Total Assumption
PV – Planned Value (same as BCWS)
PV – Present Value
ROI – Return on Investment
ROM – Rough Order of Magnitude
ROR – Rate of Return
SD – Standard Deviation
SLPP – Summary Level Planning Package
SPI – Schedule Performance Index
SV – Schedule Variance
TAB – Total Allocated Budget
TCO – Total Cost of Ownership
TCPI – To Complete Performance Index
TVM – Time Value of Money
UB – Undistributed Budget
VAC – Variance at Completion
WP – Work Package


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