Having strong bond and connect with the team, helps?

You are leading/managing a team for about 2 years now, and still you don’t feel that team is really connected with you. One of the factor for project/team fail is when the team would not working as one or when the team doesn’t accept or connect with the manager.

With the experience of handling couple of teams and I will try to put down few things that has really helped me in establishing connect with the team and being able to accomplish results.

  • Knowing the team: personal bond with each team member, helps create an open environment where everybody is welcomed to raise concern and provide feedback. Leader should always be a good listener, open minded and also find/create opportunities on daily basis to catch up with each team members. Key is to treat team members as folks than employees.


  • Creating a support structure: always focus on creating the culture in team, on supporting each other. Lead by example, offer support to team members when required and encourage team to be open on discussing the impediments.


  • Appreciation: saying “Thank you” and celebrating each milestones with the team bring in a sense of togetherness. Encourage team members to appreciate each other in open forums.


  • Being genuine: setting right goals for each team members and making sure the right opportunities are created/provided to achieve them sets the attitude of commitment within the team. Being genuinely interested in team’s aspiration and standing by team when required the most is the key for creating stronger bond.


  • Being involved in execution: there is a no said rule that manager can’t take up work packages in technical capacity. By being part of the implementation, leader commands the respect from team. Also this helps in understanding the team’s dependencies, impediments they face in day to day work and hence plan accordingly. This might not be possible/feasible for all the managers. If there is an opportunity and capability, just go for it.


And of course team outing and team building activities provides the environment to create the shared understandings of each team members. Be a leader who brings out positives in each team members!!!


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