Competency matrix update with team helps the project?

Competency mapping and finding gaps is strategic planning that every team should perform often to find out where they stand in terms of project needs. Ideally technical competency matrix is created and maintained by the Project manager, does it make sense to have this evaluated and updated along with the team?  How do I involve the team to create a competency matrix?

To start, identify the technical competencies required to execute the project successfully. If you don’t have the expertise within the team to list out the competencies required, seek for the support from other teams or any expert available with in organization.  Competencies can also be categorized under “Development, Tools, Methods & process” if the list is very long.



After listing down the competencies, ask individuals team members to rate them against each competencies. They should basically answer these questions – Do I possess this competency? Where do I stand with respect to this rating? To make it easier to the team, define the rating system like below:



Map the individual rating in the competency matrix, depicted below:


From the updated competency matrix, derive the competency gaps and also key associates/experts who can drive the projects.  The competency matrix should help in

  • finding the competency gaps, and identify training needs
  • planning staffing for the project
  • as Input to project estimation
  • know the support required from external entities

“Competency mapping should be a team activity, which provides an opportunity to bring in open platform and also awareness within the team about the capability and gap”.


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