Humans and autonomous driving analogy

Comparison of human driving and autonomous driving is exhibited below, critical technology in autonomous driving is the sensory functions.


Location:  autonomous vehicle should be able to locate its position very precisely and also have a real time information of its surroundings, in contrast humans will relay on memory for location and knowledge base to understand the surrounding environment

Driving: Humans have a very good impulsiveness and very good

 coordination of movements controlled by brain which comes in handy during driving, on the other hand autonomous vehicles should relay on the variety of sensory network to build perception of the surroundings and control the vehicle through actuators.

Decision: Humans can detect, classify and behave in real time, autonomous vehicles should have a algorithms self learning to identify, detect and classify objects and also decision models to act upon for every scenarios it encounters.

Communication: Humans are very good at communication and well versed with multiple communication modes to help and indicate fellow drivers, where as the autonomous vehicle should have a communication channel to exchange information.

Technical advancements in above key areas and areas mentioned below that will shape the evolution of autonomous driving.

  • AI for object detection and classification
  • Robust and reliable computing hardware to process the high bandwidth data from multiple sources
  • 3D maps and real time maps for localization
  • Test environment which can execute tests on hardware independent framework

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