Can Autonomous vehicles learn from Humans?

For the world to see every vehicle rolled out from the production plant powered by Autonomous platform without steering wheel would be long time from now.  Autonomous vehicles and human driven vehicles should coexist at least for a decade from now.


The coexistence could lead to accidents. Analysis of the these accident reports between autonomous and human driving vehicles, highlights one major cause that autonomous vehicles follow the traffic rules strictly and humans will take chances. Accidents can be avoided by having separate infrastructures for human drive and autonomous vehicles, but would this be feasible everywhere?

In my opinion, this time of coexistence should be well utilized to perfect the self-driving technology. There is a lot that autonomous vehicles can learn from peer human drivers. Also OEM’s can perfect the self-driving software by analyzing each unique scenarios/encounters that would happen between autonomous vehicles and human driven vehicles.

Can the autonomous car be trained in a way the human beings are trained?   Can autonomous cars be trained to mimic exactly the humans? Can they exhibit spontaneous decisions making capability humans possess?   Can autonomous vehicles learn the way humans learn from their experiences, and update the driving and reaction skills? If self-driving technology could address all of the above pain points, that day would be the beginning of autonomous vehicle era.


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