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  • PMP – Exam preparation tips: questions category

    PMP exam will consist of 200 multiple choice questions covering all the domains of project management – Initiation, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and control, closing. I will try to categorise the types of questions that you can expect in the exam,… Read More ›

  • AI in project management

    AI evolution in project management

    Buzz around the machine learning and artificial intelligence is everywhere and project management is not excluded from it. Does this mean the project managers will be replaced by AI systems? My strong belief is that AI will not be able… Read More ›

  • Project Management : Templates


    In this blog i will share the templates that comes handy for the project manager. I have created the templates leveraging my project management experience. Please suggest improvements, so that the templates can be refined.   Communication plan template: I… Read More ›

  • Embedded C: Optimization

    Most hard part of the coding is to optimize it for efficiency and minimizing resource usage. In embedded systems optimization becomes the highest priority because of the limited resources, so the program should be optimized to execute with less memory/storage,… Read More ›

  • Embedded C: Preprocessor

    First step during the completion of c program is preprocessing, where in the preprocessor modifies the code according based on use input for further compilation process. Preprocessors enables developers to write efficient software’s. Below I have tried to explain how… Read More ›